The Brighton Experience

One of our staff hails from Brighton, Massachusetts. He has a great story about the time that he spent there. We like to highlight the experiences of people on our team to show you how much we care about both our customers and our own employees. We’re interested in building a community, not just a business. Check out his story, you might learn a thing or two about Brighton!

Sean’s Tale

Holy Boy

I’m originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but I ended up in the Boston area for school. I feel like this is where my adventures really begin. To be specific, I had an apartment in the Brighton area. These years were the most formative of any in my whole life. The crazy thing is that I was studying to be a minister. I was going to school at the theological seminary there and trying to figure out what my life from an existential perspective.

One of the things I enjoyed so greatly about being in this area is that there were so many great minds who were willing to challenge ideas and assumptions that had been stagnant for ages. It was here that I formulated the idea that I was not supposed to be a minister, but instead work for a regular company such asĀ affordable.

New England Air

I think that I was able to process my thoughts and realize my lot in life due to the opportunities that I had living in Brighton and New England in general. When I felt that things were getting a little to stuffy and confusing, I would take a drive up to the country. This only took a couple hours and provided for large amounts of time for reflection and mediation. Even now, I take trips up there to clear my head.